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> ogg - fresh tunes 64k - sweden / talus, mayday
> ogg - fresh tunes 64k - france / exxos
> ogg - full playlist 112k - sweden / wilper
> ogg - full playlist 112k - sweden / joda
> ogg - full playlist 112k - france / exxos
> ogg - full playlist 112k - switzerland / solanum
> mp3 - full playlist 56k - germany / snyke
> central hub - sweden / mayday
? how to listen / troubleshooting

> fw friendly links (port 80): solanum
Glorious 12x21 resolution.

Kohina is a free "just for fun" web stream, streaming the classic 8/16 bit
computer, arcade, and console music of our misspent youth, as well as the
latest scene music from the platforms that remain active.

While composers are generally positive about our streaming of their music,
there are various issues involved in tracking down every old composer,
that makes it a very time consuming task. So if we happen to stream your
old tunes and you do (or do not!) mind, feel free to throw us a mail and let us know.

vgm overlord: talus
server guy: mayday
sid specialist: grue
atari xl/xe expert: pg
nintendo ninja: _zane
retired old fart: stakker

ircnet: #kohina


20071217 Minor website maintenance

Just a minor website update and small "heartbeat" message. Exxos no longer relays on port 80, so if you're firewalled to hell, you will have to use Solanum's link from above. The location of Exxos' server has also changed, it is actually in France (and has been for quite some time). Finally, the MP3 stream is currently down. Sorry about that.

As for the tunes, there will be another update closer to the new year, or you may all officially start worrying about the website being dead...

Kohina was never a particularly fast moving entity to begin with, so long pauses between updates are to be expected (I think we make up for it with high-quality selections). Sadly it has been a bit longer than anticipated, other things just seem to get in the way...



1229 Not quite dead yet!

It's been rather quiet around here for a while, so I thought it was best to get some new tunes online before the year was over :)

On offer is a selection of classic Amiga tunes (courtesy of Mayday), some Amstrad CPC tracks from Grim/Arkos (who's making his own Amstrad CPC scene radio, check out their nifty website!), and finally a rather substantial amount of SIDs, demo and game tunes alike.

I think this is the largest amount of tracks we've added in one update. Because of this the list of tunes is somewhat more terse than usual. All the details can be found on the playlist page, however.


4Mat: Dna-Dream

Captain: Space Debris

David Whittaker: Kikstart 2

Firefox and Tip: Musiklinjen

Mantronix and Tip: Overload

Olof Gustafsson: Pinball Dreams

Martin Iveson: Jaguar XJ 220 - Title

Tim Wright: Shadow of the Beast 2 - Level 1.4

Amstrad CPC:

Ben Daglish: Super Scramble Simulator - Menu, Venom Strikes Back (Mask III)

Kangaroo: Autumn95

Matt Furniss: Subbuteo

Targhan: Big'o'Full'o'Dem'o - End Part, DemoIzArt - Landscape, Molusk - Midline Process (Mainpart)

Sice: A Step Beyond - Note 2

Weee: Prehistorik 2 - Intro


Abaddon: Cybersoap, Full Moon Raker, Funky, Hamlet, In Deep Freeze, Monotonique

Abaddon & Teppo Keitaanniemi: Jamaican Sixtyfour

Blues Muz: Cybermist, Darkstorm, Embold, Olledunk

Blues Muz & Dwayne Bakewell: Coffee for 4

D-Tract & Fanta: Drop the Girl

Fanta: A Soapbox Opera, Bushman, Finetuning, Natural Cause of Death, One Hit Wonder, +h2k, Radio 64

Jammer: Disco Fever II, For Rock'n'Role No. 27, Latex Sensations, Let's Go, My Own Hyperspace, Scenial, Sky Flight

Jeroen Tel: G.I. Hero, Hotrod, JT in Robs, Nighthunter Title, Nighthunter subtune 2, Outrun Europa, Supremacy ending

KB: Who Cares End Part

Laxity: Ocean Reloaded

Orcan: Breakpoint, Solomatic Fly

PRI: Aars '92, Azzdjazz, Beach and Party, Dry Jam, For Jamaica, Funky Stuff, Genlock Intro, Latin Liaison, Move 2 Da Rhythm, Multirock, Pool Party, Short Fusion, Slap Chill Out, Soundwave, The Ride, Trifle, Ultimate Intro, Whirlbass

Scortia: DXYCP Scroll, Equinox, Fusion, Horizon, In Past, Jump Up, Nebulas, Thai Myth

Shogoon: Commercial Fake, Fun Factory, Hopscotch, Ritual II tune 2

SMC: Miss Rubberbutt, The Breakout

Taki: Impulse (rerecording with correct SID type), Speed Up

Tim Kleinert: Arcade Intro

Zardax: Alka (rerecording with better SID), Life in Coze

All in all 97 tracks, 5.5 hours worth. The playlist is now 66 hours, 10 minutes :)

I hope everyone has a happy new year!



0517 Lose a relay, gain a relay

First the sad news: We've lost Draken's relay, since he's moving and no longer has the same Internet connection. I would like to thank him for the years of good service to Kohina.

And now for the good news: Solanum got the bright idea of putting some of his university's bandwidth to good use and provide us with a relay in Switzerland. So thanks a lot to him! :-)

This made the little server map even more out of date than usual, so I removed it and for now it's replaced with a nice little animation from a classic C64 game (no points for guessing which). Come to think of it it doesn't actually look entirely like Earth, even for a 21x24 multicolor sprite, but it will have to do for now. Something neater is in the works, just be patient ;-)



0429 Uhm, part two of two?

Well, so much for predicting it would be just a few weeks until the next update. In the future I shall refrain from such predictions entirely ;-)

This is another varied update and hopefully everyone will find something they like.

There's the prog. rock inspired Plok! soundtrack from the Follin brothers, excellent composition and use of the PC Engine's sound chip with Magical Chase, cheerful shooter tunes in Konami's recognizable style with Gradius III and Pop'n Twinbee, and also classic Amiga synth tunes (SIDMon) from Romeo Knight.

And that leaves... Quite a bit actually. But I don't feel like writing too much, so I suggest you just check out the tunes! :-)

Thanks to the usual suspects for recordings - _Zane for SNES and MSX and PCE, Stefan Lindberg for the arcade recordings and Emkay for hooking up his Amiga.

Here's the full list of added tunes:


Chris Hülsbeck - R-Type Title
David Whittaker - Obliterator
Jam Cracker - Crusaders 1
Jam Cracker - Crusaders 3
Matt Simmonds - Chuck Rock - Title
Romeo Knight - Beat to the Pulp
Romeo Knight - Enigma Gun
Ron Klaren - Battle Squadron - Level 1


Capcom (Harumi Fujita) - Bionic Commando - Stage 1
Capcom (Tamayo Kawamoto) - Black Dragon - Ending
Capcom - Carrier Air Wing - Mission 1
Capcom - Carrier Air Wing - Mission 3
Capcom - Carrier Air Wing - Mission 4
Capcom - Carrier Air Wing - Mission 10
Capcom - King of Dragons - Hard Long (Stage 2)
Capcom - King of Dragons - Vagrant (Stage 4)
Capcom - Varth - Stage 6
Data East - Night Slashers - 0x07
Data East - Night Slashers - 0x0e
Data East - Night Slashers - 0x11
Irem - Gussun Oyoyo - 0x01
Irem - Lethal Thunder - 0x02
Irem - Lethal Thunder - 0x05
Irem - Lethal Thunder - 0x09
Irem - Ninja Spirit - Forest (Stage 2)
Irem - Ninja Spirit - Theme from Butsuzo (Stage 1)
Jaleco - Cybattler - 0x05
Jaleco - Cybattler - 0x06
Jaleco - Cybattler - 0x07
Jaleco - Cybattler - 0x0b
SNK - P.O.W. - Round 2
SNK - P.O.W. - Round 4
SNK - P.O.W. - Title
UPL - Atomic Robokid - BGM C
UPL - Atomic Robokid - BGM E
UPL - Atomic Robokid - Name
Zuntata - Raimais - 0x06
Zuntata - Rastan Saga II - The Big Swords (Ending)


Konami Kukeiha Club - F-1 Spirit - F-1 Spirit
Konami Kukeiha Club - F-1 Spirit - Street Collection

PC Engine:

H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Azure Way
H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Debug ja nai yo
H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Kouri ja nai no yo!
H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Meisou no Waltz 2
H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Ra Ichizoku no Senritsu ni Yoru Hensoukyoku
H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Rampish Chase
H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Ripple no Theme (Version A)
H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Ripple no Theme (Version B)


Follin Brothers - Plok! - Akrillic
Follin Brothers - Plok! - Beach
Follin Brothers - Plok! - Cavern
Follin Brothers - Plok! - Creepy Crag
Follin Brothers - Plok! - Main Theme
Follin Brothers - Plok! - Plok's House
Hayato Matsuo - Syvalion - Chapter 1
Hayato Matsuo - Syvalion - Chapter 3
Justin Scharvona - Vortex - Cryston
Justin Scharvona - Vortex - Voltair
Konami Kukeiha Club - Axelay - Return to Mother
Konami Kukeiha Club - Contra III - Cease Fire
Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - Cosmo Plant
Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - Dead End Cell
Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - Fire Scramble
Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - Good Luck!
Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - In the Wind
Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - Mechanical Base
Konami Kukeiha Club - Pop'n Twinbee - Mechanical World
Konami Kukeiha Club - Pop'n Twinbee - Village Sky
Yumiko Kanki - F-Zero - White Land I
Yumiko Kanki - F-Zero - White Land II

Around three hours worth of tunes, bringing the total to almost 61 hours!



0228 New relay and new tunes (part one of two)

Been a while since the last update, but finally we're back with a new bunch of tunes. Now it was intended as one large update, but instead it was split in two, to get the tunes out faster. Today it's C64 and Atari ST. Fans of other platforms need not fear, next week (if all goes well) will feature the second part of the update, with among other things Amiga, Arcade, SNES, and the first PC Engine tunes!

Without further ado, here is the list of tunes. A rather sizable SID addition topped off with some ST tunes. New and old tunes alike, from both platforms. Thanks to Dma-Sc for recording the ST tunes.

Atari ST

505 - Dosk - Atari ST
505 - Manic - Atari ST
Big Alec - Judgement Day - Atari ST
Big Alec - Reality - Atari ST
Count Zero - Decade Demo-Dist - Atari ST
Damo - Funktion - Atari ST
Dma-Sc - Forgotten Figures - Atari ST
Dma-Sc - Return of the Fighters - Atari ST
Dubmood and Zabutom - Space Journey - Atari ST
Floopy - Cassiopee - Atari ST
Lotek Style - Sweety - Atari ST
Mad Max - Solidify - Atari ST
SH3 - Pea - Atari ST
STu - Megablast - Atari ST

Commodore 64

Charles Deenen - After the War - C64 (6581r1)
Charles Deenen - F1 Simulator - C64 (6581r1)
Charles Deenen - That's the Way It Is Intro - C64 (6581r4)
Charles Deenen - Zamrara Game Complete - C64 (6581r4)
Daf - Christmas Compo - C64 (8580)
DRAX - Swamp Poo - C64 (6581r4)
DRAX - The Six-Pac Man - C64 (6581r4)
Gaston - Cubemagik Intro - C64 (6581r1)
Glenn Rune Gallefoss - High Pressure - C64 (6581r4)
Glenn Rune Gallefoss - Milkshake - C64 (6581r4)
Glenn Rune Gallefoss - Moonraker - C64 (6581r4)
Glenn Rune Gallefoss - Syncomatic - C64 (6581r4)
Glenn Rune Gallefoss - Tarmslyng - C64 (6581r3)
Glenn Rune Gallefoss - Vicious Circles - C64 (6581r4)
Henning Rokling - Funky Fighter - C64 (6581r3)
Hithouse - Mamba Remix - C64 (6581r1)
Jeroen Tel - Alternative Fuel - C64 (6581r3)
Jeroen Tel - Battle Valley - C64 (6581r1)
Jeroen Tel - Dan Dare 3 - C64 (6581r3)
Jeroen Tel - Ice Age - C64 (6581r1)
Jeroen Tel - Myth Title - C64 (6581r1)
Jeroen Tel - Savage Title - C64 (6581r1)
Jeroen Tel - Savage Level 2 - C64 (6581r1)
Jeroen Tel - Turbo Outrun Intro - C64 (6581r1)
Laxity - A Trace of Space - C64 (6581r4)
Laxity - Adventure - C64 (6581r1)
Laxity - Drum 'em subtune 1 - C64 (6581r4)
Laxity - Funk Off - C64 (6581r1)
Laxity - Girl'n'Guy - C64 (6581r4)
Laxity - KVF subtune 3 - C64 (6581r1)
Laxity - Øble Gøble - C64 (6581r1)
Laxity - Squamp - C64 (6581r1)
Laxity - Synthony - C64 (6581r1)
Laxity - Zimxusaf I - C64 (6581r1)
Ole-Marius Pettersen - Boisterious - C64 (6581r3)
Ole-Marius Pettersen - SolarumLirum - C64 (6581r3)
Prosonix - Mystery - C64 (6581r3)
Reyn Ouwehand - High Resolution - C64 (6581r4)
Reyn Ouwehand - Peppered Pizza - C64 (6581r4)
Reyn Ouwehand - X98 Tune - C64 (6581r4)
Rob Hubbard - BMX Kidz Title - C64 (6581r3)
Rob Hubbard - Flash Gordon - C64 (6581r1)
Rob Hubbard - Knucklebusters Title - C64 (6581r4)
Rob Hubbard - Saboteur II - C64 (6581r1)
Yip - BMX Kidz Highscore - C64 (6581r4) (rerecording)

Also, I would like to welcome the next step in Kohina's world domination: our first relay across the pond. The relay is located in Dallas, Texas, and is kindly provided by Exxos! People who have problems with corporate firewalls, take note, as this relay accepts connections on port 80. There's no excuse for not listening at the office now :-)
I still haven't figured out how to fit it on our litte map, so for now there are only links at the top.



0223 New t-shirts? Yes!

There's been much talk about Kohina t-shirts since we did the last batch some years ago. Now we're in the process of getting some new ones printed. Details are still sketchy, but you can head over to the forum thread to see the latest info. While you're there, please let us know whether you're interested in shirts or not by participating in the poll or posting something.

UPDATE: We are now taking orders for shirts, so head over to the forum to get all the details. It might be a long time until we get another batch done, so if you want a shirt (or more :), it's best to act now!



1011 Stakker officially signing off active duty

As you may have noticed, I haven't been active nor been seen much lately. It is hard to do - so hard that I've been wrestling with it for months - but I have no choice but to retire completely from all Kohina-related responsibilities. When I started Kohina over five years ago, my life was completely different. Five years is a big slice out of anybody's life, and right now I feel that I've simply given everything I have the strength to give to this project. I want to express my warmest thanks to the rest of the team, all loyal listeners and everybody who has ever helped Kohina. It really means a lot to me. We have succeeded in spreading this wonderful but sadly neglected form of music to new listeners around the world, and I'm sure the work will continue. Some day history will give more credit to these treasures! :-)

So worry not, the team does very well without me, as you have noticed :-) Talus, active as ever, will wield the power of El Presidente if needed, but I doubt the civilized democratic-ish status quo known as the Kohina Team will ever need a dictator. I might well re-enlist one day too, who knows what'll happen in the future. I'll be hanging around every now and then in any case. If you ever want to know what I'm up to, just check out some killer mobile games... ;-)

Over and out,



0925 Another update hits the ether

Time for another update, and a sizeable one. This is a mixed bag. We start out with a selection of classic Atari ST game and demo tunes, some more obscure (but great) Amstrad CPC demo tunes, and also Mega Drive and Arcade, plus odd bits from other platforms.

There are several amendments/additions in this update as well. Lethal Xcess has been completely rerecorded and we now feature all the level tunes to this classic (ST version), instead of just a few. Ristar gets the same treatment, with more tunes and a much needed quality boost.

Turning to Undercover Cops, the tunes from the European/World version of the arcade game (added back in March) have been replaced with their Japanese counterparts. The Japanese version of the game runs on the same hardware, but also utilizes the arcade board's sample chip for the music. The result is that the tunes sound much more rich/energetic (compositionally, they're the same).

Furthermore, the Akumajo Dracula (Castlevania 3) tracks were replaced a little while ago. The new recordings improve the sound balance between the 2A03 and VRCIV chips.

Some of my favourites from this update: Chris Hülsbeck with Jim Power Title (Amiga), Tao with The Dancer (Atari STe), and Targhan with DemoIzArt - End Part (Amstrad CPC).

Thanks to (in alphabetical order) Benjamin (Amstrad), Iggy Drougge (Atari, SMS), Stefan Lindberg (Atari, Arcade), Dr. Petter (NES, Amiga), and _zane (Mega Drive) for some of the recordings featured in this update. Hope I didn't forget anyone.

Here's the full list:


Chris Hülsbeck - Jim Power - Title
David Whittaker - Dogs of War - Title

Amstrad CPC:

BSC - Mega Party 92 menu
BSC - Zap't'balls tune 1
Jonathan Dunn - Burning Rubber - Amstrad CPC
Kangaroo - Bye Bye Dreamer
Targhan - DemoIzArt - Critical Area
Targhan - DemoIzArt - Endpart
Targhan - DemoIzArt - Intro
Targhan - DemoIzArt - Twist


Hiya! - Undercover Cops - Dandy N.D
Hiya! - Undercover Cops - Northern Barramundi
Hiya! - Undercover Cops - Redtailed Cat
Hiya! - Undercover Cops - Sarah Sowertty
Hiya! - Undercover Cops - Than Hawk Anger
Irem - In the Hunt - Tune 09
Technosoft - Hyper Duel - Black Rain
Technosoft - Hyper Duel - Bloody Government
Technosoft - Hyper Duel - Cosmo Babylon
Technosoft - Hyper Duel - Cyber Fleet
Technosoft - Hyper Duel - Full Burner
Technosoft - Hyper Duel - Hidden Moon
Technosoft - Hyper Duel - Hyper Duel
Technosoft - Hyper Duel - Negative Energy
Technosoft - Hyper Duel - Night Sweeper

Atari ST:

Anthony Lees - Incredibly Shrinking Sphere
Big Alec - Crystal Clear (ST-News 10.1)
Big Alec - Prophecy (ST-News 11.1)
Big Alec - Stand Up (ST-News 10.2)
Count Zero - Decade - 3D Mania
Count Zero - Maggie #2
Cube - Admirables Mod Compil 32
D-force - Summer
Gary - UCM 4 Intro
Iso - DBA 9 Intro
Jess - Middle Earth Theme
Jess - Sharpness Buzztone
Jochen Hippel - Buzzer
Jochen Hippel - Lethal Xcess - Desert of no Return (Level 2)
Jochen Hippel - Lethal Xcess - Fortress of Methallycha (Level 5)
Jochen Hippel - Lethal Xcess - Main Menu
Jochen Hippel - Lethal Xcess - Ruins of Methallycha (Level 1)
Jochen Hippel - Lethal Xcess - The Evil Garden (Level 3)
Jochen Hippel - Lethal Xcess - Volcanic Plateaus (Level 4)
Tao - Nostalgic Demo - 3D Intro
Wally Beben - Foundation's Waste

Atari STe:

Tao - Building a Ruin
Tao - The Dancer
Tao - Torture

Master System:

Nasubi - Air Rescue - Breakdown Darkstar
Nasubi - Air Rescue - Fire Storm
Nasubi - Air Rescue - Panic Ocean

Mega Drive:

Tomoko Sasaki - Ristar - Break Silence (Round 2-2)
Tomoko Sasaki - Ristar - Busy Flare (Round 3-1)
Tomoko Sasaki - Ristar - Dancing Leaves (Round 1-2)
Tomoko Sasaki - Ristar - Ice Scream (Round 5-2)
Tomoko Sasaki - Ristar - Next Cruise (Ending 2)
Tomoko Sasaki - Ristar - On Parade - (Round 4-2)
Tomoko Sasaki - Ristar - Pray!!Pray!!Play!! (Opening Theme 2)
Tomoko Sasaki - Ristar - Shooting Ristar (Round 1-1)
Tomoko Sasaki - Ristar - Splash Down!! (Round 2-1)
Tomoko Sasaki - Ristar - Star Humming (Ending 1)
Tomoko Sasaki - Ristar - Under Magma (Round 3-2)


Iku Mizutani - Blue Shadow - Stage 1
Iku Mizutani - Blue Shadow - Stage 2

65 tracks, around 3h25m runtime.



0821 Polly Tracker music compo

A music compo for Polly Tracker has been launched. Polly Tracker is a four channel, sample based music editor for the Commodore 64. It has already proven its worth by being the tracker used for the winner of the oldschool music compo at Assembly this year.

First prize in the competition is a C64, and Kohina members will be part of the judging panel as well as select our favourite tunes for the stream, so download the tracker now and get started! :-)

More info can be found on Aleksi Eeeben's compo page.



0806 We're still alive!

Long overdue, it's finally time for another Kohina update. This time we have a mix of new tunes and some rerecordings. Grue is back in form with some great Geir Tjelta tunes and gasp(!) even a couple of 8580 recordings ;-)

Kinetix by Jeroen Tel joins the playlist as the longest tune to date, clocking an impressive 12½ minutes. This is normally considered too long, but Tel's classic Knucklebusters-inspired tune is too good to ignore, and hopefully it is varied enough not to bore people.

_zane brings us freshly rerecorded tunes from Sub Terrania by Jesper Kyd (Mega Drive). They should be a lot higher quality than the very old MP3s we previously used. In addition, a couple of tracks that were really quite good, but didn't make it into the playlist last time around, have been added.

And last, but certainly not least, Madyay, not content with just hosting the central Kohina server, decided to hook up his Amiga and record some tunes. Expect to hear a lot more Amiga tunes in future updates as well!

Here's the full list:


Agemixer - Lightspeed (C64/8580)
Agemixer - Strobosphere 2 (C64/8580)
Codehead - Uraputki (C64/6581r4) - rerecording
Geir Tjelta - Blondie (C64/6581r4)
Geir Tjelta - Brain Artifice (C64/6581r4)
Geir Tjelta - Short Tune (c64/6581r4)
Jeff - System F - Cry (C64/6581r4) - cover
Jeroen Tel - Kinetix (C64/6581r1)
Johannes Bjerregaard - Shape (C64/6581r4)
Mitch and Dane - In Velvet (C64/6581r4) - rerecording
Per Almered - Van Gogh (C64/6581r4)


Barry Leitch - Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 - Bootup
Christian Bjørklund - Slam Tilt - Intro
Dr.Bully - Ray of hope 2 Majic 12 - Resonance II
Olof Gustafsson - Pinball Dreams - Nightmare
Olof Gustafsson - Pinball Dreams - Title
Sami Jarvinen - Rockhopper
SLL - Guardian Dragon
Twilight and Doc Holiday - Clairvoyance Demo
Virgill - Hot Dots Demo - High Density
David Whittaker - Bubble Bobble (cover)

Mega Drive

Jesper Kyd - Sub Terrania - Crystal Space - rerecording
Jesper Kyd - Sub Terrania - Enemy Mines - rerecording
Jesper Kyd - Sub Terrania - Power Flower II - rerecording
Jesper Kyd - Sub Terrania - Start Sequence
Jesper Kyd - Sub Terrania - Sublevel II
Jesper Kyd - Sub Terrania - Underwater - rerecording

Power Flower II was incorrectly listed as "Power Flower" previously.

Although some of the tunes are rerecordings, they're all in the fresh stream for you to enjoy. The total running time for this update is 1 hour 37 minutes, with approx. 19 minutes being rerecordings.



0322 new message board section for uade

there's a new section on our message board dedicated for discussion about uade (the unix amiga delitracker emulator), moderated by the uade team. why? because uade is cool, they needed a message board and we got one :-)



0306 playlist update & a new server!

first, a notice: wilper's server ip has changed, so change your bookmarks if you have them.

all right. next, say hi to our latest server admin: joda. welcome! our bandwidth is looking healthy :-) fisk has had some problems with his relay, but is working on a solution. meanwhile, the update: thanks for this bunch go to donny k, stefan lindberg, _zane and talus. i know i always say it, but there are some fine tracks here... enjoy!


Hiya! - Undercover Cops - Northern Barramundi
Hiya! - Undercover Cops - Redtailed Cat
Hiya! - Undercover Cops - Sarah Sowertty
Irem - Blade Master - Track 2
Irem - Blade Master - Track 3
Irem - Blade Master - Track 4
Irem - Blade Master - Track 5
Irem - Blade Master - Track 6
Irem - Blade Master - Track 9
Irem - Gunforce - Track 2
Irem - Gunforce - Track 4
Irem - R-Type Leo - Track 1
Irem - R-Type Leo - Track 2
Irem - R-Type Leo - Track 3
Irem - R-Type Leo - Track 11

Atari ST:

Dma-Sc - Spring Party


Konami Kukeiha Club - Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania 3) - Aquarius
Konami Kukeiha Club - Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania 3) - Beginning
Konami Kukeiha Club - Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania 3) - Dead Beat
Konami Kukeiha Club - Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania 3) - Evergreen
Konami Kukeiha Club - Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania 3) - Flash Back
Konami Kukeiha Club - Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania 3) - Mad Forest
Konami Kukeiha Club - Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania 3) - Overture
Konami Kukeiha Club - Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania 3) - Prelude
Konami Kukeiha Club - Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania 3) - Riddle
Konami Kukeiha Club - Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania 3) - Rising
Konami Kukeiha Club - Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania 3) - Stream

Mega Drive:

NCS Corp - Gynoug
Sega - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Casino Night Zone
Sega - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Hidden Palace Zone
Sega - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Hill Top Zone
Tokuhiko Uwabo - Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - Ghosts 2
Tokuhiko Uwabo - Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - Steamboat
Tokuhiko Uwabo - Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - Wharf



1110 48h playlist reached with 4 hours of new tracks!

the day has finally come: the playlist is exactly 48 hours long (with 923 tracks total). it has taken us over 4 years to get this far, and we are extremely proud of the quality of the whole playlist thanks to the hard work that has been put into it during the years.

to reach 48 hours, we have added over 4 hours of tracks, the biggest update ever. or as talus put it, this update is so big that it is in danger of collapsing into a black hole. big thanks to iggy drougge, dma-sc and xtc for the recording and talus for helping me with the editing.

i'm too exhausted by all this massiveness to start writing in length about the tracks, but just check out the list. it is filled with lots of very cool tracks, composers and platforms... hit the fresh stream right now!

oh, and the message board is back up again. it was down for a while thanks to a hard disk failure. there might be something weird about it, like trouble with usernames. if you do have problems, let us know and we'll hunt them down!


Allister Brimble - Full Contact - Intro
Allister Brimble - Overdrive - Intro
Bjørn Lynne - Alien Breed 3D - Title (Unused)
Captain Sensible - Sensible Soccer
Chris Hülsbeck - Masterblazer - Museum
Chris Hülsbeck, Rudolf Stember (Michael Land) - The Secret of Monkey Island - Title
Chris Hülsbeck (Michael Land) - The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Title
Jimmy Fredriksson - Full Contact - Menu
Keith Tinman - RoboCop 2 - Title
Lizardking - Triton - Nordic Report 2 - Summer in Gambia
Nation XII - Gods - Into the Wonderful
Ron Klaren - The Plague - Ingame
Tim & Geoff Follin - Sly Spy Secret Agent - Title
Tim Follin - Gauntlet III - Title
Tim Wright - Lemmings - Intro


Kaneko - Air Buster - Death Circus (Round 6)
Kaneko - Air Buster - Ending
Kaneko - Air Buster - Final Boss 1
Kaneko - Air Buster - Out of Gravity (Round 4)
Kaneko - Air Buster - Scramble! (Round 3)
Kaneko - Air Buster - Seaside Front (Round 1)
karu. (Umino, Kazuko) - Puzzle Bobble - Journey to PaoPao Island!
YAS (Takagi, Yasuhiro) - GP Rider - Be Over
YAS (Takagi, Yasuhiro) - GP Rider - The Perfect Power
YAS (Takagi, Yasuhiro) - GP Rider - Time Attack
YAS (Takagi, Yasuhiro) - Turbo Outrun - Keep Your Heart
YAS (Takagi, Yasuhiro) - Turbo Outrun - Shake the Street
YAS (Takagi, Yasuhiro) - Turbo Outrun - Who are You

Atari ST:

Dave Rogers - Exolon
David Whittaker - Mr. Heli
Dma-Sc - YM Rockerz - Spinning Wheels - Visitors From Dreams
Dma-Sc - YM Rockerz - Warryorz - YM Racing
Dma-Sc - YM Rockerz - Wave Upon Wave - Magnetic Mind
Dma-Sc - YM Rockerz - Wave Upon Wave - Wonderland Speedway
Jochen Hippel - TEX - Ooh Crikey Wot a Scorcher - Your Mind Is My Ashtray
Jochen Hippel - Wings of Death - Level 11
Rhino - Twitching Flannels - Intro
Scavenger - Please Wait
Scavenger - Punish Your Machine - Leif Rullar

GameBoy / GameBoy Color:

Blackbox - Paradox Cracktro (GameBoy)
Compile - Pocket Puyo Puyo 2 - Track 6 (GameBoy)
Compile - Pocket Puyo Puyo 2 - Track 12 (GameBoy)
GHB Boy - Megaboys - Demotronic - End (GBC)
Goto80 - Knark (GBC)
Laxity - Pickpocket - End (GameBoy)
Laxity - Pickpocket - Main (GameBoy)
Onk - R-Lab - Some Old Stuff (GBC)
Paragon 5 - 7447 (GBC)
PHX - Stadin Brankkari (GameBoy)
Unknown - Satoru Nakajima F1 Hero GP WC 91 - Continue (GameBoy)
Unknown - Satoru Nakajima F1 Hero GP WC 91 - G.Bergir (GameBoy)
Unknown - Satoru Nakajima F1 Hero GP WC 91 - Qualify (GameBoy)
Unknown - Satoru Nakajima F1 Hero GP WC 91 - Title (GameBoy)

Neo-Geo Pocket:

Sega - Sonic Pocket Adventure - Aerobase
Sega - Sonic Pocket Adventure - Aquatic Relix Act 1
Sega - Sonic Pocket Adventure - Aquatic Relix Act 2
Sega - Sonic Pocket Adventure - Giant Egg Act 1
Sega - Sonic Pocket Adventure - Giant Egg Act 2
Sega - Sonic Pocket Adventure - Neo South Island Act 2
Sega - Sonic Pocket Adventure - Secret Plant Act 1

PC (Adlib / SB / SB Pro):

C.C.Catch (Kenny Chou) - Rmuzik0 - Subtune 02 (SB Pro)
C.C.Catch (Kenny Chou) - Zone 66 - Desert Heat (SB)
C.C.Catch (Kenny Chou) - Zone 66 - Foreign Shores (SB)
C.C.Catch (Kenny Chou) - Zone 66 - Ice Wind (SB)
C.C.Catch (Kenny Chou) - Zone 66 - Plantation Crash (SB)
C.C.Catch (Kenny Chou) - Zone 66 - War Plains (SB)
Stéphane Picq - MegaRace - Factory Land (Adlib)
Stéphane Picq - MegaRace - Fractalian Space (Adlib)
Stéphane Picq - MegaRace - Maeva (Adlib)
Stéphane Picq - MegaRace - New San (Adlib)
Stéphane Picq - MegaRace - Skyholder (Adlib)
Stéphane Picq - MegaRace - Terminal City (Adlib)

Sega Master System:

Sega - Sonic the Hedgehog - Bridge
Sega - Sonic the Hedgehog - Jungle


Bandai - Digimon Adventure Anode Tamer - Map
Banpresto - Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 - Alte Eisen
Banpresto - Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 - Bakuryuu
Banpresto - Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 - Dunbine
Banpresto - Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 - Intro
Banpresto - Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 - Menu
Banpresto - Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 - Tobikage


Allister Brimble - Alien Breed II (AGA) - Title - Amiga
Chris Hülsbeck - Turrican II - Title - Amiga
Ron Klaren - Battle Squadron - Title - Amiga
Tim Follin - Ghouls 'n' Ghosts - Title - Amiga
Tim Follin - L.E.D. Storm - Title - Amiga
YAS (Takagi, Yasuhiro) - Turbo Outrun - Rush a Difficulty - Arcade



1025 new feature: easy listening with your browser!

if there's no working client for your choice of platform or you just can't be bothered to install one, just click on the "listen in browser" link above and you're rockin'! you need to have the java2 environment installed. this should help all mac users and many others on various platforms. respect to jcraft for the jorbis applet!

click here to check the latest info about working audio players and request help. - updated today!

if you have no clue what i'm talking about, read the older news below :-)



1010 we have switched to ogg vorbis!

it is a big day in the history of kohina :-) for over four years we have streamed with various mp3 configurations, but the time has come to move forward. thanks to ogg, we can now have both improved sound quality and lower bitrate! (encoded with aoTuV, the bleeding edge high quality japanese ogg branch at 112 kbps vbr.) read the previous news post for more information about ogg vorbis. the new system also makes it possible for us to do some new things... check out the enhanced statusbar with "up next" info! :-)

what you need to do:

if you had the old servers bookmarked directly, you need to update your bookmarks. if you have a proper, reasonably up-to-date audio player, you're ready to go!

some audio players we recommend:

foobar2000 (www.foobar2000.com) - fast and light but also powerful.
winamp (www.winamp.com) - the original. version 5 is recommended (you need the standard or full version). if you wish to keep winamp 2, you need to install this plugin: gallium.prg.dtu.dk/~lbn/in_vorbis.exe.

amarok (amarok.kde.org) - a new kde-based smart and smooth player.
xmms (www.xmms.org) - the popular winamp clone.
ogg123 (www.xiph.org/ogg/vorbis) - the official console player.

seems that the latest quicktime doesn't work with the 3rd party ogg plugin (thanks ncg mike for the info). until this is fixed, you can use:
whamb (www.whamb.com) - freeware player for osx.

unfortunately we can't test these ourselves. if you have information, please contact us.

windows media player:
you need to download the illiminable ogg codecs from www.illiminable.com/ogg. (it's an easy click-through install.) big thanks to the developer for responding to our request for streaming support so fast!

we still have one "legacy" 56k mp3 server you can use if all else fails. but if you still have problems, you can ask for support on our message board. in fact, any comments are more than welcome. if everything works smoothly, we'd like to hear that too! and finally: big thanks to talus for doing most of the work in getting all this done :-)

click here to request help or comment.



1005 kohina is going ogg vorbis this weekend!

we have decided to switch all servers except one (56k) from mp3 to ogg. for most listeners this shouldn't cause any trouble, only the server addresses will change. we'll post more detailed information before we make the switch this weekend. we are also moving completely to icecast (except for the one "legacy" mp3 server).

so, why are we doing this? and what is this "ogg vorbis" anyway? ogg is roughly comparable to the mp3 format, but:

- it is completely free, unpatented and open, as is icecast. kohina supports that :-)
- the sound quality is generally superior to mp3. our original recordings are of very high quality. with ogg you can hear it better too.
- ogg has much more advanced features, especially for streaming, and together with icecast is in every way vastly superior to the ancient shoutcast/mp3 combo. our servers will be more streamlined, easier to maintain and easier to upgrade with new features.

supporting both mp3 and ogg also eats way too much resources from our main server. an overwhelming majority of our listeners use players which support ogg "out of the box" and the rest are easy to upgrade. (but we will still have one mp3 server for "casual" listeners with non-compatible clients.)

check out vorbis.com for detailed info about ogg and icecast.org for icecast. if you feel the need to comment, use the message board! more news before the switch...


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